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About Rensselaer Union

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The Rensselaer Union has been the center of campus life at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) since 1890. Comprised of a student executive board, student senate, over 200 student clubs and organizations, along with professional staff, the RPI Bookstore, diversity and professional development programs, the Rensselaer Union provides students at RPI outlets to pursue interests while obtaining hands-on experience managing budgets and working together.

A sampling of student organizations within the Rensselaer Union include:

In addition to student organizations, the Rensselaer Union is also home to intramural and intercollegiate athletics, the Mueller Fitness Center, Clubhouse Pub, leadership development programs, a free legal service, and many other activities are all funded and maintained by the students and staff of Rensselaer Union. Each year, undergraduate and graduate activity fees fund the entire organization. The Rensselaer Union releases an Annual Report each year detailing its financial operations.

The chief legislative, financial, and judicial bodies of Rensselaer Union are student-based. Each week, student government manages the business of an active, energetic community. They are supported by the Union Administration Office, which includes a collection of staff members ready to assist students in their activities.

The Rensselaer Union is housed within a building at the corner of Sage Avenue and 15th street, where many students and members of the Rensselaer community call home.With meeting rooms and social spaces, the Rensselaer Union's physical space is a place to meet people, make new friends, and breathe in the RPI lifestyle. Students can be found enjoying amenities of the Rensselaer Union at all hours of the day working on class and extracurricular projects. The intent of the Rensselaer Union is to make significant contributions to the daily quality of life at RPI.

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The Rensselaer Union Constitution outlines the purpose, purview, composition, and guiding policies of the Union. Download it here (PDF).