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Union Annual Report FY 2015

    7:38 pm in Troy    Friday, Jan 30

Activity Fees for Next Year (2014-2015)


for undergraduates


for graduates

The Rensselaer Board of Trustees approved the Union Budget in early March 2013. It has also been approved by the Student Senate and the UAR Committee.

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Budgeting in Three Simple Steps

Step 1: Organizations Submit Budgets

Each and every club, athletic team, and other group desiring funding from the Union submits a budget that details their expected expenses for the new fiscal year to the Union Executive Board, a group of students. The Executive Board looks through these budgets line-by-line, approving or denying the line items. This process starts in September of the Fall semester and ends by February of the following year.

Step 2: Fiscal Policy Sub-Committee Compiles Numbers

The Fiscal Policy Sub-Committee, a body of the Student Senate chaired by the Senate / Executive Board Liaison, meets over several months. This group collects all of the approved organization budgets and compiles Union Annual Report, generating the Student Activity Fees that are used to offset the expenses of the Union.

Step 3: Activity Fees are Approved

The Fiscal Policy Sub-Committee sends Union Annual Report to the Student Senate, along with the Student Activity Fees for undergraduate and graduate students. These fees are recommendations that the Senate will approve in dollar amounts. Once the Senate approves the fees and the Annual Report, they are sent to the Board of Trustees for final approval and to be put into effect for students in the next academic year.

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