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Concerto is a brand new way to communicate on campus for the RPI community. A community-driven, web-based digital information system, Concerto allows anyone with an RCS ID and password to log in, submit content in the form of graphical flyers or text announcements, and see their content rotating live across a number of high resolution displays in key areas of campus. In addition, Concerto makes transmission of this information a trivial task, as new screens can be added to websites in the form of web portlets that act in the same manner as the flat panel displays that are around RPI's Troy campus.

In order to get started with Concerto, visit this link and log in with your RCS ID and password. Visit Concerto Support to learn more about the system and how to use it.

Campus communication in the 21st century begins now.

Rensselaer Union Calendar of Eventstop

In order to add events calendar on the Rensselaer Union calendar, students may add ther events to the institute calendar and those events are filtered onto the Rensselaer Union Website. Students may add club meetings, social events, and other business to the calendar, which also carries events over to the Rensselaer Union calendar and RPIInfo.

To log in and add an event to the calendar, visit this link . Log in using your RCS username and password. If your RCS username and password do not work, contact pr@union.rpi.edu with your name and the club you wish to enter events for. When approved by your SARP, you will be given further instructions on how to activate your login. Access the Rensselaer Union calendar at uec.union.rpi.edu.

Printed Signagetop

In 2006, the Student and Faculty Senates approved a new Institute Sign Policy, which regulates the posting of signs on campus and affects all people, clubs, and organizations who post signs on campus. Anyone thinking of doing large-scale postering or advertising on campus should consult the full policy, which can be found online. But at its core, the policy can be summarized as follows:

  • Signs are generally only allowed on the exterior of the CII, DCC, and JEC.
  • Signs must have a clearly legible take-down date (the date after the event or for non-event signs, 1-15 days after posting) in the bottom-right corner.
  • The people posting are responsible for removing their signs by the specified take-down date.
  • If an organization is posting a sign, the sign needs to have contact information on it.
  • Signs are only allowed to be posted on the footbridge railings with masking tape.

For any signs posted on the interior of a building, the permission of the building coordinator must be obtained (they will generally employ a red stamp to indicate approved posters). This list is included as an appendix to the sign policy document; an updated list can also be obtained from Physical Facilities.

For extenuating circumstances, exemptions to provisions of the sign policy may be granted. In addition to the President and Vice Presidents of the Institute, permission can also be gotten from the Coordinator of Student Activities in the Student Union, the Grand Marshal, or the Dean of Students.

Advertising in the Polytechnictop

The Polytechnic is RPI's student newspaper. Each new issue of the newspaper is released in print form and on the organization's website on the Wednesday of each week during classes.

Poly Credits

Most Union-funded clubs are allocated some amount of Poly credits that can be used to place advertisements. These are the "currency" you can use in place of money to advertise in the newspaper. If you are not sure whether or not your organization has an allowance of credits, check in the Union Administration Office on the third floor of the RPI Union.

Submitting an Advertisement

In order to advertise in the newspaper, club officers (or any club member authorized by the club leadership to represent the club) must do two things:

  • Reserve space for the advertisement by emailing the advertising editor by 5 pm EST on the Friday prior to the issue in which the ad is to be printed. Specify the organization, date of issue, and size of the ad. See the Poly advertising rate card for more details.
  • Email a digital copy of the final advertisement to be printed to the advertising editor by 5 pm EST on the Monday prior to the release of the issue in which it is to be printed.

Each new issue of the Poly comes out on the Wednesday of every week. Consider submitting advertisements to the publication at least one week before the event. For more information check out the Poly's advertising page.


Chalk is not allowed by RPI's Environment & Site Services on any campus buildings, walkways, or other outdoor surfaces in public areas!

Don't waste your time and money making intricate chalk murals that will get washed away by Institute staff.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions or concerns about the information presented on this page, please see Erika, Cameron, or Melissa in the Union Administration Office on the third floor of the Union building.

Have a Suggestion?

We want to hear from you! Please let us know if you would like to see something added or changed on this page.

Effective Use of Your Club Website

Your organization should use its website provided by the Union (i.e. someaddress DOT union DOT rpi DOT edu) to promote your established organization and other pertinent information to the public. At the very least, your club's website should prominently feature the following information:

  • A preferred method of contacting the club (such as an email address)
  • The names (and perhaps contact information) of your club officers
  • The times and locations for any regularly scheduled meetings
  • A clear, concise statement of what your organization provides to the RPI community